Over the next decade, the Cannabis industry looks set to leapfrog the soda industry and potentially give the alcohol industry a run for its money. The global cannabis industry has the potential to grow to $130 billion in annual sales by 2029 and CannabioEquity is dedicated to financing this emerging market as well as offering a unique investment opportunity to individuals

CannabioEquity is a Cannabis industry investment business with a mission to provide funding for emerging Cannabis farms focused on cultivation and supply of their products into the Medical, Hemp, CBD Oil and recreational use markets. CannabioEquity is a well-positioned financial intermediary that has been operating since 2015.

We believe that in-depth research and continuous inter-company communication are integral to CannabioEquitys’ shared understanding of the Cannabis Industry. We monitor the economic, business and social climate as well as scientific advancements, geo-political changes and climatic conditions to ensure a safe, stable and highly profitable platform for our investors.

We offer investors our extensive expertise, an efficient due diligence process and strong customer partnerships, while simultaneously providing a high return on investment and the potential for a long-term partnership in a virtually untapped market.


At CannabioEquity we work closely with farms and grow operation whom we have vetted through our legal process. All partners are legally certified, authorized and licensed to grow and supply (domestically and internationally) Cannabis for an intended market. These markets include medical, CBD oil, Hemp and recreational usage clients who in turn are legally authorized to purchase and use Cannabis for their intended business operation. We verify all of our partners thoroughly to ensure that our investment and more importantly, your investment is absolutely secure.